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Premium Topsoil and Compost Supplies in Murfreesboro, TN

Patterson’s Garden Co. is your ultimate source of top-grade topsoil and compost supplies in Murfreesboro, TN. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier products to assist your gardening needs, allowing your plants to grow healthily and thrive.
Our topsoil and compost are carefully sourced and treated to ensure high fertility and to support the growth of your plants. They enhance the structure of your soil, improve its capacity to hold water and nutrients, and support the natural ecosystems within your soil.

Superior Screened Topsoil

Our topsoil is freshly dug from the farm and screened to exclude rocks, roots, and clumps. The result is topsoil that is easy to shovel, spread, and level by hand. Moreover, it’s available year-round, as it’s always covered, ensuring you can access quality topsoil regardless of the season. We sell our screened topsoil by the half yard or yard.

Nutrient-Rich Mushroom Compost

Our mushroom compost is packed with beneficial nutrients, perfect for your gardening needs. It’s an excellent amendment to your garden and greatly enriches your soil health. The mushroom compost excellently augments your garden soil when mixed thoroughly.

Convenient Delivery Services

At Patterson’s Garden Co., we understand the hustle of moving gardening supplies. That’s why we offer convenient delivery services for any product we sell at our shop. For more information, please visit our Delivery Services page.

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Your Gardening Success is Our Pride

At Patterson’s Garden Co., we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality topsoil and compost, ensuring the success of your gardening efforts. Our years of experience and deep knowledge in the field ensure that you get only the best products and advice. Let’s grow together!